EGM Commemorative Episode. With the closing down of EGM, an era comes to an end, and we take a moment to remember the influential gaming magazine. We talk about our favorite EGM memories and sit down to talk to “Trickman” Terry and Ken “Sushi-X” Williams about the early days of EGM. We also interview Dan Hsu, who was editor-in-chief of the magazine and an important figure during it’s run. Join us as we mark the passing of a special part of our gaming history!

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EGM Commemorative Episode
Interview with “Trickman” Terry and Ken “Sushi-X” Williams
Interview with Dan Hsu
EGM Memories
Classic EGM Moments
Release List
DGR Mailbag

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DGR: 01.11.2009

35 Responses to Drunken Gamers Radio: 01.11.2009

  1. Mitch says:

    Christ guys, congratulations on scoring such a great interview/lineup. I always look forward to my weekly dose of DGR, but I can’t WAIT to listen to this one.

    By the way, I submitted this to Digg, so if you guys would go digg it, that would be fantastic. It only takes a second, and if you don’t have an account it only takes a minute to set one up, and it would REALLY help. Thanks!

  2. Santa Faust says:

    That was a great show. Really. As a thirtysomething gamer I definitely cut my teeth on EGM growing up and it was fantastic to hear Terry, Ken and Dan reminisce. Before EGM, the only information I got about games came from the ones I saw at the pizza parlor and postage stamp-sized screenshots in the Sears catalog. That magazine opened up a whole new world to me. One I haven’t been able to shake since.

    R.I.P. Electronic Gaming Monthly. You’re dead but not forgotten…

  3. Santa Faust says:

    Oh, and “Decapitato” is fucking badass!

  4. Psyvariar says:

    It might be fruitful to post about this on NeoGAF, as they’re hungry at the moment for any podcasts with ex-1UP/EGM related content, so you might pick up some new listeners there.

  5. Hilden says:

    Yeah, John said he may risk the ban and put it up there. We’ve never been very well liked over at GAF. In fact, I think one of their moderators words were “You’re not welcome here”.

    So, yeah. I’d love to put it over there if things have lightened up a bit.

  6. John says:

    Fortunately, that cock is no longer a moderator. But if somebody could post a thread for me so I don’t come off as pimping my own shit, I’d appreciate it.

    But anyway, this is probably my favorite episode we’ve ever done. EGM was probably the most important magazine of my young life and is certainly the reason I’m such a big gamer. It’s also the reason I did GamingWorldX, Team Fremont, and now this. While I didn’t always like the direction they took in the last few years, I’ve been a subscriber since 1991. Before the internet, as a young kid living in a small town, EGM was the ONLY source for me to get my information. It’s incredibly sad to see it go.

  7. M.C. says:

    Thank you for doing this, guys.

  8. Ryker XL says:

    Dittos on everyone’s comments, it was a great show and a well deserved farewell to EGM. As one of those who’s first console was a “Pong” machine (yep just dated myself) seeing EGM on the racks at Shinders for the first time, it was the Holy Grail for the emerging gaming community.

    The best part for me was when I worked at BBY, some moron had a comp subscription and didn’t want it. “UM… I’ll take that off your hands each month if you’d like.” He happily agreed and I enjoyed EGM and all it’s goodness. Sad to see it go, but I do hope those who were part of building this community stay involved, we need you.

  9. Roscoe says:

    All Right! I am so happy to see an EGM tribute episode. I was hoping you guys were going to do something like this. I am extremely sad to see EGM go without a final print issue. Imagine how great it would have been as a “20 years of EGM Final Issue” or something along those lines with reprints of past articles, etc.

    Before the internet, this was the only way to obtain new game information and I would pour over each issue front to back. Now I don’t have any magazines to read each month and some of the finest video game journalists are now out of work. It is tough to comprehend that I will never open a new issue of EGM again.

    Thanks again for the awesome podcast to pay tribute to the greatest gaming magazine and journalists around!

  10. Q says:

    Let me start by saying that I fully expect to quickly be banned or ostracized from this community as the new guy coming in and constantly voicing his cynical, dissenting thoughts on subjects. I’m really not a dick even though I seem to be a times. I just believe in voicing my opinion regardless of what the outcome may be. I really do like this community and hope that I can be accepted despite my seemingly unorthodox views.

    I would like to offer the opinion that UGO isn’t to blame for EGM closing. You may not have meant it that way during the news segment but it certainly came across like that. UGO did not purchase and then close EGM, they just didn’t purchase it. Therefore I don’t think UGO can be demonized for the closure of EGM. That burden is laid squarely on the shoulders of Ziff Davis. Through poor management over the years and their inability to find a buyer they appear to have just given up on EGM and closed the doors. I don’t think it is a reasonable expectation for UGO to have also bought EGM, as much as we all would have liked that. They are a web media entity and investing in the dying field of print isn’t good business. It’s fucking sad to be sure but it’s also a reality.

    Hilden, you stated at the beginning of the show that the closing of EGM was the end of an era. While I certainly agree with that statement’s sentiment I’m not sure I agree with the actual meaning. I like to think of the ‘EGM Era’ as the glory years in the mid-late 90’s to early 00’s. To me the EGM era has been over for a while with a continually decaying husk left in its place as a monthly reminder of what used to be. I’m 35, twice married, a 13 year old son, a baby on the way, and a life-long gamer. I had EGM subscriptions at varying times over the nearly two decades the magazine existed so I’m not coming at this from the viewpoint of younger person. EGM was in its glory when I was old enough to know and enjoy it and it was my favorite magazine for quite a while.

    Unfortunately, when I let my last subscription expire (which I had received as a gift) it was because the magazine I was getting every month was barely recognizable to the one I remember reading cover to cover years earlier. I absolutely hated all the subscription cards stuffed in-between the pages, the plethora of ads, and the fact that the real content was shrinking. I still enjoyed the features, Hsu’s editorial write up, and some of the reviews but it certainly wasn’t enough to make me want to pay money for it. I can respect the view of ‘if you subscribe you help keep the magazine alive’ but to me it seemed like a waste of money. It was like a hospice patient that the family was keeping alive with machines to breathe for them instead of letting them leave this mortal coil with a modicum of dignity.

    Let me also say that I realize the issues with the magazine are not a direct result of the staff of EGM. Ad space had to be sold to make money and try to keep the magazine in circulation. It’s the steady decline of print media that is largely to blame as it dragged down EGM with it. I have the utmost respect for Dan Hsu and his line in the sand that he would not cross in regards to journalistic integrity. He stated in the interview that it was the right thing to do but that doesn’t mean that anyone else would have done it. The writing of much of the staff was something that I enjoyed also but the content just could hold up when I could spend a half hour on the web and get all the information plus more. A five page feature just can’t hold an entire magazine together.

    I realize my words and analogies here are a bit harsh but it’s just the way I feel about the situation. In my opinion the dismantling of a large part of 1up is the bigger tragedy here. Laying EGM to rest should have been like the phoenix burning up at the end of its life only to have a new, better 1up rise from its ashes. If they had kept the editorial staff of EGM and moved everyone into positions on 1up they could have easily been the best gaming site on the web. Unfortunately they decided to go a different direction and we are now left with a finally deceased, yet beloved, publication and a severely crippled website that limps into the future instead of soaring.

    Let me end with this, my heart goes out to everyone who lost their jobs as a result of this purchase and I wish them all the best. There was a tremendous amount of talent that is now jobless and the industry is worse off for it. I’m going to start reading and will continue to listen to Rebel FM as well as Ryan’s new show Geekbox Radio. I’ll follow many of them to their new homes hoping that their writing stlye and flair will be allowed to continue to flourish wherever they land.

  11. Hilden says:

    No, Q, you’re right on those points. The blame lays squarely on Ziff’s shoulders for EGM closing. In fact, I had a question about that subject for Hsu that I didn’t get a change to ask.

    While it may seem that we were shitting on UGO, the reality is that we understand it’s a business and things like this happen all the time. Where we dislike UGO is in press releases where they try to spin it. Of course, we hate all companies and their ridiculously transparent spin, so there’s that.

    What you’re hearing is just a general disappointment in how things ended up overall. UGO was just the catalyst and as such tends to get painted as the “Face of Evil”. Even in our minds, however unfair.

  12. […] sure to check out the article here, or click on the Drunken Gamers Radio image to listen to the podcast […]

  13. leftybrown says:

    At the Married Gamers site I’ve just linked back to the site and podcast. Great shows guys!

  14. M.C. says:

    By the same token, sir, understand that this post is written with no disrespect intended.

    On the day that the news hit about 1Up, one of my friends tried to strike up a conversation with me over IM. At the time, I was sad and frustrated, due to this news; and I definitely wanted to have a conversation with someone about EGM’s demise. What I didn’t want was to discuss the reasons why EGM had folded, which have been blatantly obvious for so many years that I’ve lost any interest I ever may have had in continuing that conversation. But that was the discussion he wanted to have, and to me, that’s akin to going to your uncle’s funeral and having a conversation about how he died. Your uncle was diagnosed with cancer five years ago, and has been in the hospital for two. Why would I want to talk about the two years he spent in the hospital? I’d rather talk about the time we all went deep-sea fishing when I was twelve, and he taught me how to fish, and I was super-proud of myself because I caught a red snapper.

    EGM is dead; and for the time being, 1Up no longer produces any content in which I am interested. These were entities that once occupied an important place in my gaming life, and as a fan of what these entities once were, this episode of DGR was exactly what I wanted: a discussion about the good times and the great memories we had together. And to be honest, at this point I would rather gut myself with a spork than have another conversation about the death of print and how everyone saw this coming.

  15. Mitch says:

    That’s a great way of putting it, MC. And this episode has been great for me, too. I’ve often maligned the fact that I’m of a younger generation of gamer. I think I was five or six when I got my first system, a Sega Genesis. I never experienced Atari, NES, SNES, or anything akin to that. My next system was an N64, and after that a Gamecube, when I really started getting into games. My first ever gaming magazine was Nintendo Power in 2000. I didn’t read an EGM until years later. However, I still came in at a time when the magazine still had a lot of the richness and history from the 90’s era, I feel. I read it since then, and even though it admittedly went downhill in many respects, I still loved it for what it was. It may have been a shadow of it’s former self, but it still provided some great content for the most part. But to this day, when I think of EGM I think of it when I first started reading it. Nintendo Power may have been my first gaming magazine, and it was a bummer to see it fold, I wasn’t that moved by it. But with this happening, it did and in a big way. It has so much rich history, and so many people who loved it. So it’s not just memories of my friend and I looking at screenshots for Soul Calibur 2, it’s the thought of an industry without one of it’s long-held mainstays that really gets me. I’m only halfway through the episode so far, but so far you knocked it out of the park. This one is going in the pantheon of your all-time greatest episodes for sure.

  16. Q says:

    The drunken overlords here have graciously allowed me to post this comment to let you all know that the Player One podcast ( ) also did an EGM centered show this week. Andrew “Skip” Pfister and Greg Ford join them for the whole show and give their thoughts and views about the events that happened that day in the office, what they think about the whole deal, and how they see the industry going forward. It’s an insightful and reflective show and I recommend it to everyone that was a fan of 1up, EGM, or any of their shows.

  17. John says:

    Just for the record, we don’t mind anyone posting links to articles and podcasts that may be of interest to other readers/listeners. We don’t consider that to be “spamming” at all, so don’t hesitate to pass that stuff along.

    Thanks for the link!

  18. Hilden says:

    Yeah, throwing us links to cool shit is kinda what Robot Panic is ABOUT.

  19. John says:

    If you guys want to see the “velvet board” Shoe posted a picture here.

    Oh, and thanks to you guys for making us #26 on iTunes today.

  20. Shawn says:

    Great show guys! You knocked it clear out of the park and totally put ours this week to shame. I blame our shoddy guest. Damn you Kollar!

  21. Valke says:

    First time listening and damn did you guys have a hell of an episode to keep my attention. Also great to hear you say that you don’t mind people posting links to other articles or podcasts, you’re like the bizarro-GAF. A few podcasts I’ve listened to made reference to others as “competing podcasts” which left me kind of dumbfounded.

    If my site or podcast ever has anything relevant…well, I’ll still ask permission before posting.

  22. Santa Faust says:

    Nice index. But I wonder if putting “Quest For Dicking” in the same building as the “Stop Ass Sex Society” was a wise choice.

  23. Lard says:

    I thought it was a really nicely put together show and I was glad you covered two eras of the magazine.

    Classy job guys, well done.

  24. Mitch says:

    Wow, you guys got that far up on the iTunes charts!? That’s incredible! I never thought I’d see the day! (I mean that in the best way possible).

  25. Q says:

    FYI…the Gamers with Jobs podcast is up today and they have Phil Kollar as a special guest talking about the happenings of the industry. They still do their normal 1st and 3rd segments but the 2nd segment is all questions for Phil and a good listen.

  26. carrotpanic says:

    Excellent show guys!

    The Terry and Ken interview was especially candid and insightful, especially with regards to their interactions with their imposing bosses and a much different take on the Ziff transition than someone like Hsu later posited.

    I think it will go down as a labor of love, because you guys truly did care about EGM and did it justice with this episode.

  27. Hilden says:

    Thanks to everyone for your compliments on the show. We’re glad you all loved it as much as we did.

    Speaking of love. the amount of downloads of the podcast is about to crush our bandwidth limit. Our tiny little site just wasn’t meant for the spotlight and as such, there’s the potential we may crash for a bit until we can contact the powers that be.

    Thanks for understanding and we hope you won’t notice anything today. If we do go offline for a bit, that’s the reason and we’ll be back up soon.

    Thanks for everyone’s pimpage of the podcast! We’re thrilled that so many folks could hear those awesome stories!

    By the way, make sure to visit and and thank Terry, Ken and Hsu for sharing all their memories and stories!

  28. John says:

    We just put a band-aid on the situation Hilden mentioned, so hopefully that holds shit together for the next day or so. Thanks again guys!

  29. Trickman Terry says:

    Thanks for the kind words, and the love-fest that was on the podcast. You guys are awesome as usual. You asked good questions and listeners received a lot of good insight from Shoe and us. Maybe that’s why your up to #18 on the top podcasts for Games and Hobbies category! Hope the server stays up! :)

  30. CanadianJon says:

    A bit off topic… fighting stick just got here. John we gotta play some SF2 HD. We should try and organize a DGR tourney. I think that would be super fun. Great episode guys keep up the good work.

  31. Jynkz says:

    Make that #16 on the list…one above the 1up show! Great going, guys!

  32. Evil Neil says:

    I haven’t read, or even picked up, an issue of EGM in a couple of years, but the axing of the magazine, especially one issue before their 20th anniversary, is pretty sad. UGO should have at least put that out before pulling the plug.

  33. I’ll be putting this on my mp3 player soon and it will be the first podcast I listen to later. It looks like you have some great interviews lined up to get a closer look at EGM/

    I signed on today after not being on yesterday and find a total of 5 shows that will talk about the buyout or at least have an ex-employee on the show. That will make 7 total that I’ve listened to since the news hit and no doubt will there be a few more by the end of the week and probably even 1 or 2 more next week.

  34. There were a few things I wanted to say about this episodes last night while listening and now all I can remember is that I was going to point out that UGO once stood for Unified Gamers Online and then Underground Online. I think it doesn’t stand for anything anymore though.

  35. Oh yes. I also want to say fuck all those idiots that say “print is dead, long live the internet.” While I haven’t been a fan of EGM for a year or 2 and saw that they were going to go under once GFW did, I do feel a little sad. To think that people would rather go to a blog where all their “news” is a “clever” photoshopped photo and a paragraph or 2 mostly full of catch phrases and smart ass comments instead of anything meaningful over a place like EGM or any of the other gaming magaznes is scary and sad. Even picking those places over going to the more relible and journalistic gaming websites where they know the difference between being right and being first.

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