It’s our Christmas Live Show with special guest Phil Kollar from! It’s a long show this week as we cover iPhone reviews, some news, your contest letters, an interactive and insane Moe Minute and take phone calls from viewers! Thanks to all who watched us live and called in, as we had a blast! We hope you did too. At the very least, you can say you were there when Moe finally stepped into the next generation!

From all of us at Drunken Gamers Radio and Robot Panic, we wish all of you a Happy Holidays!


Christmas Live Show with special guest Phil Kollar from!
Your Naughty Letters to Santa Contest
iPhone Reviews: I Love Katamari, Sim City, Rolando
News: Gizmondo 2 Delayed
SFIV Collector’s Edition
Metal Gear Solid LBP Pack
Release List
The Last Shot
Christmas Gift Explosion!
Your Calls!
DGR Mailbag

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DGR: 12.23.2008

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28 Responses to Drunken Gamers Radio: 12.23.2008

  1. MikeOHara says:

    what did Moe choose as his gamertag? Has he chosen a gamertag yet?

  2. Hilden says:

    I’m not sure he has yet. I forget what his old Gamertag used to be. Hopefully, he’ll post it up on RP when he gets it set up. Or after I hold him at gunpoint and make him create one, that lazy bastard.

  3. Damn, I wish I had been there for it

  4. John says:

    His old gamertag was Fremont, but I don’t know what it is now.

  5. It was a great show and I’m glad I finally saw it live.

  6. You guys going to try and do live shows regularly again?

  7. John says:

    Yeah, we’re doing the show at Moe’s now, which means we have a permanent spot to keep the shit set up. That’ll make the live shows easier for Hilden to do since he doesn’t have to try to remember how to set it up from scratch every time. Our original plan was to do them once/month, and I think we’re going to get back to that. Hopefully.

  8. So does Moe not eat at his table or he just doesn’t mind all the electronics in the way? 😀

  9. Moe says:

    I, too, am known to wield a wild and indiscriminate ban-hammer. Lag, I’d buy myself a helmet if I were you.

  10. darkradish says:

    I woke in the middle of St.James park, pantsless, and covered in vomit and dog feces.

    Best live show ever!

  11. Brian Pederson says:

    I had to leave to a family dinner right before the moe-minute. :( I don’t suppose there’s some way for you guys to record the video as well as the audio in future live podcasts? For those of us who couldn’t be there, for whatever reason.

  12. Hilden says:

    The idea is to record the video as well in future live shows. The video will be hosted on ustream and possibly on RP as well. We’ll see how it goes. After the Moe Minute last Tues, I really regretted not getting at least that part of the show recorded.

  13. Lothars says:

    Great Show guys :)

    It was as good as ever

  14. John says:

    I don’t know how well it translated to those who weren’t there, but that Moe Minute was the greatest thing in the history…of history.

  15. Torgo says:

    Wow, a 3rd room in Moe’s house finally gets some use!!!!

  16. GI_Josh says:

    Stupid commitments keeping me away from the live show!

    I think Moe’s gamertag should be xxx_4H3AD_0F_D00M!!!!!111_xxx

    I think the x’s give it some flair.

  17. D.J.I. says:

    I think somebody just won Editor of the Year.

    No tips for people to buy M rated games huh. haha

  18. carrotpanic says:

    A comment from Phil’s 1up blog:

    Posted: 12/24/2008

    The chatroom was pretty stupid though. Lots of “take your pants off Phil” and all sorts of crazy antics. It was cool to see what the ‘drunken gamers’ actually look like though. DGR is a great podcast.

    I only have one thing to say:

    take off your pants, moleMAN!

  19. moleMAN hates fun and probably puppies.

  20. Hilden says:

    MoleMan makes some good points. I’m not exactly sure where the sexual advances toward Phil came from. And aren’t chatrooms, in general, a bad idea? I’d call them a neccesary evil, I guess, because I do love the instant interaction. It’s fun to say something like “Altered Beast sucks” and the see the chartoom fill up with “NOOOOOO!!!”

  21. Mitch says:

    From what I could see, most of the douchiness was coming from the Ustreamers and other users brought over from Phil’s blog post. Of course, I wasn’t there for the show itself, though.

    Also, what did the contest winner win? All I heard was Moe say “He’ll win…” then John say “BAN THIS MOTHERFUCKER NOW!!!” and the show ended. Also, what did that guy DO!?

    Also, any word on Moe’s gamertag yet?

  22. John says:

    He won some sort of Nerf thingy that Moe is picking out. Hilden was the guy yelling about the ban.

    Moe just ordered a WiFi adapter for his 360 and as soon as that arrives he’ll be setting up his Live account. Should be about a week or so. In the meantime, he’s already purchased six games for his 360, including Left 4 Dead, Crackdown, Forza 2, Chromehounds, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and something else that I forget.

  23. Mitch says:

    Ooh, awesome. I just got Left 4 Dead and have been playing it nonstop, so I’m really looking forward to killing some mumbling dead with Moe or any of the DGR community online.

  24. carrotpanic says:

    The Phil take your shirt off stuff was just in good fun. I doubt Phil reads these comments, but maybe you can direct him to this one:

    Honest to God, Phil if you felt uncomfortable, I apologize on behalf of the community. Same thing about the Einhander comments. We all enjoyed you coming on and it was just a way for some of us to give you a virtual noogie. I think we made just as many comments towards Moe (and probably John and Hilden) as well, so all in all I think that means you are well liked. We kid because we love, etc!

    Happy new year everyone.

  25. John says:

    Don’t sweat it, man. It was all good. It’s just one guy on 1up commenting about it, so it’s no big deal. Phil had a good time with it and took it all in stride.

  26. I think I played a part in starting the Phil stuff. The start of that is a little fuzzy for me right now. I remember talking about how awesome Torgo was and then somehow got on to Phil being sexy.

  27. dopaliscious says:

    Yo, just stopping by. Finally catching up on the Podcast and heard my dirty Santa letter and it made me laugh. Hit me up on the PS3 sometime [SHPLIG]

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