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Word on the street is Android mobile OS is battling iPhones at 50/50 market share nowadays. Little snippits like paying $20+ less per month, cheap-ass phones, running on services with actually working internet, and a giant apple not dictating how to use your device may influence you to switch to this brand. Probably more likely is somebody less techie close to you is gonna switch to the bad guys and (re-)introduce themselves to the wonderful world of touching an out-of-the-way icon to make a phone call; behold the new world of apps. The same as the old world of apps.

The problem with these application stores is that both of them suck harder than Microsoft in organizing the goods. In Android’s case, once you get the top 30 or 40 programs you see featured in the Market all the time, discovering new reliable shit becomes crazy difficult after it’s buried. We’re back to the wild west of word of mouth blog to pull users in any direction to get their goods. *pfft* what do I mean “back to”? We’ve been like this for years.

Well sure, I’ll help out. Here’s a mashup list of all the apps I use that you should go on a Market download spree to get a hold of. Like, meow!

I don’t feel like QR coding these things, since all’y’all are probably iPhone users.


Put the Calendar Widget on your Home screen! – You already have this. Long press any empty area and select ‘widgets’. Drop it somewhere you’re always going to see it. Now if you’re smart enough to write something down you got coming up in the future, this box is going to keep showing you what you have going on.

SportsTap – Put the Widget on your Home screen. This thing is sports scores while giving you updates and start/stop/touchdown notifications for whatever teams you want. The app itself gives you ESPN quality news detail.

DoggCatcher – Podcast getter/downloader/manager. Like, $8 but worth it. Tons of customization options. Works with audio, written feeds, and video. There is a learning curve to getting the hang of this, but take the time, and you won’t need to listen to much music on the road provided you keep headphones on you. If you don’t want to pay money, an alternative is Listen, which taps into Google Audio. All I can get on there is Gamers With Jobs though.

Handcent SMS – If your phone (HTC, etc) doesn’t have a custom version of texting already, get this. Texting with a shitload more configuration options and popup notifications.

Where’s My Droid – You’re going to set a specific phrase where anytime somebody texts that to you, your phone auto sets all volumes to maximum and all your alarms and ringers go off for 10 minutes so you can find out where the fuck you lost your phone at in your house.

Shazam – Make this app listen to any song, it will tell you what it’s called.

Last.fm / Slacker / Pandora / iheartradio – Internet radio on a network that rarely disconnects. Last.fm is the best of these four for Android.

Note Everything – Make notes to self. In text, in drawing, in speaking. Mandatory if you’re a creative fool.

Astrid – To do lists. Sortable by many things. You can place a widget too. Great for longer term tasks.

Seesmic – Twitter Client. If you have HTC modded android, you probably got Peep already, but if you got Motorola deal, this is the best free one I know about. If you like a widget and even more advanced shit, Tweetcaster Pro for $5 has what you need.

Aldiko – Book reading client. Connects you to google books. Lets you download a shitload of free public domain or paid stuff. Read full books to your heart’s content.

Happy Hours – Like Yelp, this figures out where you are and displays all the bars around you. BUT it only tells you what happy hour drink specials are going on at that time on that day and when they will end. Then it hooks you up with Google Maps so you can get to that bar. (Gotta have working GPS to use)

NubiNews – Customizable blog (rss) reader. Much quicker navigation than actually going to each website. Preloaded with many great feeds. Super-the-fastest!

Contact Owner – Displays contact owner text on the password screen. I think you need to turn the security code thing on for this to work, but basically what happens is you know when you lose your phone, say somebody finds it, it becomes a pain in the ass for that person to find out how to get the phone back to the owner? This speeds things up.

Timeriffic – You go to work weekdays 8am-5pm or some shit? This lets you set a custom profile so every weekday at 8am your phone ringer sets to silent but at 5pm it sets phone volume back to max. There’s another paid app called Locale that does stuff like this by GPS proximity too, but the cost is high.

My Verizon – If you have Verizon service, pay bills ‘n shit.

DroidLight – Pretty much Motorola Droid only unless your camera has a flash on it. It turns your camera’s flash into a flashlight.

ShopSavvy – Scan a barcode at the store. It finds and compares your scan against the internet and gives you reviews. I used this to buy my mom a laptop. Got $75 off. She spilled coke in the keyboard then shut the laptop and flipped it upside down so all the coke soaked behind the screen. ‘Still works perfectly.

Nesoid / SNesoid / GBCoid / GameBoid / Gensoid – Emulators. The good ones. NES, SNES, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Genesis. All the Lite versions prevent you from are loading save states. These are flat-out essential if you have Motorola Droid with the d-pad and hard buttons. Yes you can flip the screen upside down so the dpad is in the right place. There are touch and trackball options for everything else.

Hungry! – Shopping list. Before you ever go shopping, write in this all the shit you’re ever going to get. Now when you make your shopping list, go back to this and just select the pre-written things you wrote down. Check them off at the store when you actually bought them. Repeat.

You can make Folders! – Non HTC modified Android versions only have 3 home screens. If you like your shortcuts or a lot of widgets, long press empty space, make a goddamn folder, and group all your similar applications in those places.

Motorola S9HD Bluetooth Headphones – Wireless headphones and they work almost flawless, even outside! (on motorola droid) There’s buttons on the ear pieces for volume, next previous song, and take a call. There is a speaker on the headphones so you do everything an ear mullet can do but with cooler looking stereo headphones.


Replica Island – High quality platformer. Have the droid mascot collect shit with NES controls.

Radiant – Slider shmup. Galaga ’90 stage design.

Word Search (Black icon) – If you get the right version, this lets you do custom puzzles and has a great touch interface.

Bust A Move – $5. Taito’s puzzle classic still with the Bubble Bobble guys. Shoot to match colored bubbles.

Abduction! – 2D motion game. Tilt-guide a bouncing cow upward via moving platforms

Pulse Rider – 2D motion game. Tilt-guide a plane into green nodes. Avoid red nodes.

Slimeball – 2D motion game. Tilt-guide a ball downward running shit over katamari style.

Pong Multi Touch – 2 player Pong.

BreakTheBlocks / Meteor – Arkanoid Breakout clones.

Robo Defense / Bubble Defense – Tower Defense. Fieldrunners clones.

Chain React – Boomshine Every Extend ghetto clone. Detonate a ball and see how many other balls detonate with it.

SFCave – Clone of ASCave. Guide something through a tunnel that’s constantly dropping. Press to ascend, release to decend.

LaserReflections – Puzzle game. Use mirrors and prisms to guide a laser beam to an icon.

Nintaii – Roll a block around a 3D puzzle maze thing.

Bubble Popper / Bebbled – Touch linked bubbles of the same color to destroy.

Splat! Bugs II – Light gun game. Touch bugs to kill.

Gem Miner – Miner Dig Deep ‘Sequel’ or ‘Prequel’. Dig for gems. Use gems to buy tools to dig for gems.



Better Keyboard – $3, but you can put skins on your onscreen keyboard. I have a megaman one. It is awesome. There’s tons of menu and style customizations as well that aren’t on the stock keyboard. I use many of them.

Talk To Me – If you’re stuck in a foreign language situation, remember this. You talk into it, your phone will output a translation of whatever you just said into that language.

Dictionary.com – Quickest word lookup I know about. I also use the word of the day widget. Because my English is gone done poor yessir!

Giant Bomb – The main news reviews stuff in mobile quick version. Great way to catch a review when you’re chillin’ in line somewhere.

Toggle Settings – If you’re into turning Bluetooth and wifi on and off and playing with settings a lot, many things you wanna change in Settings are 3-4 screens down. This app turns all your most useful on/off switches into easy to reach toggle app. There is a simplified power management widget already on the phone too.

Yelp – Only useful if you’re somewhere new for the first time, dunno where to go, and you’re probably not gonna be in that area again for a long time. This finds restaraunts, bars, that stuff. Gives reviews too.

Cardex / Key Ring – If you’re a shopping rewards card whore, you can use this to scan all the bar codes into it so you don’t need to hold the cards on you anymore. Or type it in.

Dial Zero – A database of phone numbers at many corporations where you can bypass the phone robot and actually speak to a person who can do something about your product or service problems.

Boondocks / Calvin & Hobbes / XKCDViewer / DailyDilbert – Single strip viewers.

TV.com – You can stream some full show episodes across a couple channels.

Zedge – If you’re too lazy for uber ringtone wallpaper customizations, this app lets you steal and set one of the thousands of theirs.

Mabilo Ringtones / Wallpapers – Same as Zedge. Download whichever and use those customs instead of importing your own.

Engadget – Best way to read Endgadget. Comes in three flavors.

Digg / reddit is fun – The quick app way to look at both these sites.

Express News – The Associated Press and tons of other real world shit. ‘With the quickness.

NPR News – Alternative real world news Express News may or may not cover.

USA Today – That thar newspaper.

BBC News – You know…news from over there. ‘Pretty sure they report on Americans better than Americans report on Americans…so….just putting that out there.

HelixLauncher – If you’re not on HTC modified Android version and you’re sick of dealing with only 3 home screens, this can give you more, along with a bunch of other shit. (Iffy 2.1 support as of April 2010)

10001 Cocktails / Bartender – Booooooze!  Make concoctions with whatever.

CarRepair – A first strike app to diagnosing a basic car problem.

Movies (Flixster) – Find a recent movie, with user and rotten tomatoes reviews, and finds showtimes and theaters. ‘Probably preinstalled.

Unit Converter – How many Floobits* are in a Gallon? ‘The fuck knows! Now you can find out. *Nothing can convert a floobit.

ASTRO – A windows style file manager…on your phone.

AndChat – This lets you visit IRC channels. But usability depends on your network. Verizon blocks IRC and 4chan. There are tunneling strategies that work, but getting them running are difficult.

Documents To Go – Microsoft Office and a mobile pdf reader. $10-$30, depending if you buy it at the right time.

KeyPro – If you get a hold of some travel bluetooth keyboard, match this up with Documents to Go, holy shit you now have a big-people-laptop!

Social Wallpaper – This is an Android 2.1 version only Live Wallpaper. Live Wallpapers are the moving ones. This will throw random Facebook and Twitter updates behind your icons in the home screen while leaving your regular wallpaper intact.

Silhouette – This is an Android 2.1 version only Live Wallpaper. Live Wallpapers are the moving ones. Sunset with waving trees. Gentile. Pleasant.

Pop Squares – This is my wallpaper. Tons of customization. This is an Android 2.1 version only Live Wallpaper. Live Wallpapers are the moving ones.

Look, 2.1 users just search “Live Wallpapers” in market and you’ll get them all.

Good luck!

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20 Responses to Get Your Android Shit Together 2010 Kit

  1. Ian (DJI) says:

    Advanced Task Killer Free – Yeah I forgot one. Tons of apps hang out in your background sucking the resources. This lets you Force Close all the unnecessary stuff and remembers what apps you like to keep open.

  2. Gruel says:

    Damn, nice list! I am slowly but surely leaning towards picking up a Android. Someday

  3. Ray180 says:

    My 2 cents on some of the apps on your list that I’ve tried:
    SportsTap – I’ve tried this a couple times but never really liked it. Looking forward to trying out the new NFL Mobile app for Verizon though.
    Handcent SMS – One of the best apps I have and use it religiously.
    Aldiko – Great looks. Lots of free books. Easy to use.
    Timeriffic – Another app I can’t live without. Does what it does well.
    ShopSavvy – I LOVE the idea of this but the few times I tried it the product was not found.
    Hungry! – I use a similar app called OI Shopping List, which has multiple lists and you can assign prices.
    Replica Island – Great looking free game, but takes a big chunk of memory.
    Bubble Defense – Just recently tried it but like it a lot already.
    Gem Miner – DGR got me to buy Miner Dig Deep and I loved it. This is a nice mobile substitute.
    Astro – Nice interface and very useful. I mostly use it to remove podcasts from the SD card.

    My favorite apps NOT on your list:
    Dolphin Browser (or Opera Mini 5) – You don’t use the default browser, do you?
    Easy Money – Great money manger, although Mint is coming soon.
    LogicPic – Very addictive Picross clone (only costs a buck).
    Paper Toss – Great free game that’s easy to learn but tough to master. Nice graphics.
    Zebra Paint – Useful for distracting the toddler once in a while.
    Yz Free – Simple Yahtzee clone.

  4. Ian (DJI) says:

    Ray180, try out Scoreboard. ‘Google’s version. It apparently works faster than Sportstap on the widget, but sportstap has more detailed info when you go inside.

    Yeah I still use default browser. I have Steel, but didn’t do anything for me. I’ll hit up your stuff. I kinda wanted the comments section to turn into an apps swap discussion. I need me some namedrops.

    What’s the hypetrain on Mint all about?

    More shit I forgot:

    Super Boom Boom You know the barrel parts in donkey kong country? It’s that but with cannonballs. $1-3. Laggy on some phones. This purchase has risk.

    Shoot U – Crayon Physics Deluxe without the drawing. Instead you shoot a dude out of a cannon to get somewhere.

  5. Ian (DJI) says:

    Here’s some more calender apps I’ve integrated in the good times:

    Jorte – Better calender widgets. Displays 7 days ahead and multiple events on the same screen in small fonts. choice of 4 space square widget, 4 space hori widget, or 12 square whole month. Make sure you select Google Calender instead of the proprietary one when syncing calenders.

    CallTrack – This adds your phone call history to your google calender. That means when you make or miss a call, this adds to your calender on that day that you talked to so-and-so on the phone.

  6. Ian (DJI) says:

    New hotness ahoy!

    LauncherPro – This is a home screen replacement. It’s been out for months but its updates have sent it a long way. It now kicks HelixLauncher’s ass with all its customization options. You can now keep 4 permanent icons by your app drawer button, and you can pack your apps tighter into a 5*8 grid so you can see more menu options at once. This launcher is now the fastest, at least until 2.2 update hits everyone. Oh, and you can have up to 7 home screens.

    My Tracks / RunKeeper – Before you go running, turn this on. It’ll use your GPS to track where you went and how fast. Then it gives you all kinds of graphs, stats, and data about what the hell just happened and uploads them to a database you keep about yourself in some cloud somewhere. My Tracks is google based, RunKeeper is its own thing.

    Google Voice – This has been a selective invite only beta for awhile, but now anybody (at least with .edu email) can get inside. The big feature is it’s a new Voicemail that’ll try to transcribe your voicemails into text and mail it to you. Your voicemailbox becomes a visual interface where you play VMs like music tracks and delete whatever without ever putting the handset to your ear. The voicemail transcribing is Engrish quality hilarious to boot. GVoice also does a bunch of other stuff like VoIP international calling and multiphone control support so you can have one phone call ring all your phones.

    Gigbox / Scenester – Find out when a band is playing, then add it to your calender. A lot of it is based on whatever Last.fm says is happening, and just because the app can find a venue doesn’t mean it is keeping its band schedule updated. It’s still a great push in the right direction, at least for scanning venues in your area.

    Dropbox – This is an online file storage cloud, free version up to 2GB. But this thing has a client for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad. So instead of emailing files, you can send files from any platform into the cloud and download them from whatever mobile or stationary machine you have.

  7. Zinswin says:

    Going to look into My Tracks and Runkeeper — I’m training for the TC Marathon and my wife’s Garmin crapped out last week. Thanks for the update!

  8. This entry makes me moist — getting two of each app!

  9. Ian (DJI) says:

    I’m checking in.

    Slingbox Mobile – If you got a slingbox capture dohicky, watch whatever the hell you captured on your phone. That is sweet as shit. Too sweet, so they charge $30 for it.

    Urban Dictionary – Now you too, can learn what Stank on my Hang Low means.

    PdaNet The Froyo 2.2 update is supposed to allow this, but if you can’t wait, this is a way to tether your phone to a computer for the internet. I mean, this lets you USB plug your phone into your laptop without wifi and you use the phone’s 3Gness to go online.

    LauncherPro got many more sexy updates. You can scroll the bottom custom icons tray like its own separate homescreen.

  10. Ian (DJI) says:

    Game Gripper – Oh yeah, and if you specifically have a Droid, get a Game Gripper
    It’s an overlay you put over your text keyboard that turns your keypad into a legit game controller with buttons. It’s rubbery and not perfect, but I can almost 1CC super nintendo games with it. The only issue I got with it is you can’t really use it with a case on your phone, and depending on how you play, a buttom may activate the search function and fuck everything up. But otherwise, still worth the $15.

    … k that’s a lot of money for a piece of rubber, but hey, specialization.

  11. SimpleNate says:

    That Game Gripper was pretty legit when I used it. I’d definitely get one if the giant apple let me.

  12. Ian (DJI) says:

    TiKL – Touch to Talk – A flat-out walkie talkie. The old Nextell Direct Connect. Hit the button, hear the beep, say what you need, let go, nobody dials any phone numbers to talk.

  13. Grimmy says:

    AppBrain is a nice app for sharing what’s on your phone, seeing other peoples stuff and recently they added a feature where you can find the app on their site and push it to your phone.


    Here’s my current list of apps:

    Dildroid is my favourite app of all time <3

  14. Ian (DJI) says:

    Yo Grimmy, did you pull off doing IRC on your phone? If so, how did you do it? Tunnel or just get the app and turn it on? If it was simple, who is your provider?

    I’ve come back from the future to tell you things.

    Awesome Drop – Web-based file transfer to phone. Every file sync method requires some type of installation, even with a sync cable. In the case you want to move a PC something to your phone that you don’t have admin rights to, this will take care of it. Just get the app, app will ask a PIN and go to a website, website will tell you the PIN, drag and drop yer goods.

    IMDb – That thar movie database

    ONN – The Onion News network. The satire videos, not the articles for some reason.

    Antennas – Not very impressive, but it lets you see cell phone antennas on GPS google maps thing.

    EnRoute – Temporarily let somebody stalk you on GPS. This is like a Temporary Google Latitude. Latitude lets you share and stalk your GPS location with others, so if your chick had a google maps app phone, you could see where each other is all the time if you both turned it on. What EnRoute does is you turn it on, it gives a URL, you give that URL to whoever and they can watch your location from a computer on anything. I dunno. I haven’t really found a use for it yet, but I figured I’d bust it out on a long trip of ill-advised safety.

    Epic Fails – Just pictures of people failing. Old meme…but…you know…you’ll be standing in a line somewhere someday. ‘Good ammo for passing a moment.

    Goby – This uses your GPS to find events happening around you. Remember that Happy Hours thing I said is mandatory that uses your GPS to find happy hour specials around you? Well, this is searching for THINGS TO DO. This has way too many search options. This is built more for urban areas, but if you dig for it, there are ways to just search everything at once for random shit. This app is good for laughs at least.

    Mint.com – MONEY MANAGEMENT. This is hotness Ray180 was talking about. All money managers work like a checkbook you have to manually update. NOT THIS TIME. Mint.com is able to obtain a live (read-only) balance from whatever account you want. You have to be a smart cookie to set this up how you want it and grant Mint access to look at your accounts so it can update in real time. This has too many features to go into detail. If you want to manage bank stuff and you want the app to get your live balance for you, do this. Mint cannot do transactions. That’s a good thing if we talkin’ security.

  15. Ian (DJI) says:

    Things, Things!

    Launch-X (Pro) – Shove 14 apps in a 4×1 space on your home screen (as a widget). Amazing stuff! Good customization options. There is a free one, but it sucks in limitations. Get pro for $3-ish.

    Gaming Buzz Widget General gaming news in 4×1 widget. The main site app sucks but the widget is good for some reason.

    QueueMan – Update your Netflix queue.

    CalWidget – A Jorte alternative. This lets you put calender agendas of various different sizes on your home screen. However, this one will link directly to the default google calander when clicked, while Jorte does its own type of calender with a new input method that syncs to google calender. The downside is the CalWidget uses a bigger font than Jorte and it can’t be changed. Choices, choices. I prefer Jorte, but you can use both interchangeably.

    Congress – Find out what your representatives and senators are up to, their contact information (+ twitter accounts), and read up summaries on all the latest bills.

    Advanced Task Cleaner Pro – Another memory manager. I switched to this one because it has auto-kill features. It’s better than what I had, but I’m still kinda looking for others. I’m not sure if this is hindering my seesmic to updating automatically even though I put that on an ignore list.

  16. Ian (DJI) says:

    Android is making money finally I guess. This means tech places are actually writing about it. Useful things.

    Lifehacker – Guide to organizing your home screen

    HowToGeek – Guide to maximizing your battery life

    New crazines I gotta tell you.

    Movies – This is prolly on your phone already, but poke around. You can sync it to your Netflix account now. This means any movie you see when you search for movie times, you can also add a “save to” on your netflix queue.

    aCar – A car maintenance manager. Like, set reminders for oil changes and other services. Details.

  17. Ian (DJI) says:

    More more more.

    LauncherPro Plus – The locked free version of LauncherPro is starting to suck now, as fixes and locking parts up is starting to make everything a little unstable and gives me the screen redraw problem constantly (meaning 15 second loading times every time I go to home screen). LauncherPro Plus fixes pretty much all of this while allowing widget resizing and HTC Sense-ish widgets for texting, facebook, and twitter. Unfortunately, LauncherPro Plus can only be unlocked with a $3 Paypal payment (or standalone credit card payment through Paypal).

    ADW Launcher – This is a solution if you do not wish to pay for any home launcher app. It is better than locked LauncherPro but not as good as unlocked LauncherPro Plus. It allows custom widget sizes, adding/removing screens, an unlimited size custom icons dock for shortcutting to apps, and support for user created custom themes that can reskin all your icons and background, like Sony’s XMB.

    WidgetLocker – If you experience the great screen redraw problem (long load times going back to home screen) and refuse to remove excess widgets, custom folders, and apps, WidgetLocker can help. WidgetLocker treats your unlock screen as an extra screen. You can load up your lock screen with whatever icons you want, especially your emergency impulse apps that you can’t afford to wait for load times to access. WidgetLocker includes a custom widget for creating your own unlock sliders so users can open whatever they want with the unlock sliding motion. For people worried about defeating the purpose of the lockscreen, You can set the options to disable widget presses so you still don’t open anything in your pocket. If you use a securiy unlock pattern or PIN, unlocking phone or opening anything in the WidgetLocker lock screen will take the user to the security unlock screen users would regularly see to access anything. It’s complicated to explain, but it’s one of the best apps out there. $2.

    Voice Search (Froyo 2.2) – If you upgraded phone to 2.2, Download this and learn to use it. You can perform a wide range of voice commands from texting people, emailing notes to yourself, to launching your GPS navigation apps. It’s a powerful tool if you’re a smart person.

    AudioManager – There are 6 independent volume bars. The volume knobs are context sensitive only to what’s playing at the time. It’s easy to lose track of what volume is mute and what isn’t. Or you often can’t mute a game before you run it. That sucks. AudioManager simply brings up all the volume sliders together and you can set theme where you want; like a mixer grid. There are widgets from it so you can quickly gauge where your volume knobs are at. Pair this up with Timeriffic for best results. If you get the pay version, you can set icons for customizing preset volume profiles.

    GasBuddy – GPS search gas stations near your location. Can organize results by cheapest price.

    Angry Birds (Beta) – Old iPhone game. 2D sidescrolling. Slingshot birds with special powers to destroy towers to let falling block physics kill pig heads.

    Antigen – 2D sidescrolling. Rotate your player to latch one of its four puzzle piece connectors on to enemy puzzle pieces to destroy it before the enemy leaves the screen. $2.50 gives you online leaderboards.

    Simple Darts – Input scoring for various dart games without a crappy electronic board

    Mini Golf Score – Scoring for a golf game. Set par, players, multiple ways to input stroke count.

    Scorer – Generic score counter for playing anything that has a fixed scoring system: air hockey, euchre, basketball, 500, whatever. You add players then customize buttons for how much each button press will increment on a player’s total score.

    Running Services (Froyo 2.2 users only) – Long press an empty space, select shortcuts, go to settings, select Running Services. After Froyo 2.2 came out, most task killer programs (ATC, ATK, etc.) couldn’t do their job. All they could do is open up this running services program and you’d have to kill the program a second time to stop it. Well then, how about just delete the task killer program taking space in your memory and just add the shortcut to your home screen yourself. If a working alternative for 2.2 users came out or patched, I don’t know about it yet.

  18. Ian (DJI) says:

    Feint Game Spotlight – OpenFeint came out. This is like, XBox live friend gaming social network connectivity bullshit for smartphones. It is good for leaderboards. This app lets you track down what the OpenFeint compatible games are, which probably means this is a filter to find out what the good unique Android games are a lot faster than hunting through word-of-mouth bloggings.

  19. Ian (DJI) says:

    Rooting. I will tell you about that.
    It lets you overclock your processor, give yourself features you’re locked out of or your carrier would charge you for like wifi teathering (plug phone into laptop to give laptop internet) or wifi hotspot (lets 8 laptops/whatevers wifi connect to phone to get internet), lets you remove bloatware carriers force on you that can’t be removed, and you can change the look of your entire interface with custom roms.

    It’s the same as jailbreaking an iphone. They are synonymous terms. Rooting also voids warranty.

    Here’s a thing called Universal Androot. That could be what you need.

  20. Ian (DJI) says:

    May or may not be my last post. I have pushed Droid 1 as far as it can go. It won’t let me download anymore apps and everything else I have, I use.

    xScope – This is the new hotness browser. Very basic, but kicks the shit out of Dolphin on speed.

    Multicon – This is a free different version of Launch-X. Shove a ton of app icons into a small space as a widget. It emphasizes vertical app placement instead of Launch-X’s horizontal. It’s not better or worse; just different.

    TV Show Favs – You search down the shows you like, this app tells you when something you wanted new is going to be on. Widget available. Prolly for the non-DVR crowd like myself, but whatevs.

    Ringdroid – This is very old. I never namedropped this before because I never used this. Now I have and it works great. Take any music file and trim the ends of the wavetable song graph thing to make your own ringtones. Save your new file as music or an Android-recognized notification sound.

    SHINOBI barrage / Walpurgis – Shmups! Bullet patterns! Magic! Ninjas! Huge file sizes!

    Missile Intercept / Astro Commander – Missile Command clones! Good ones!

    Bloomberg – Financial news, your stocks, and other good money shit. Get dat green! 4×1 widget.

    Brookings – An independent research institution. Read about objective surveys, studies, and other research and learn about the findings that you’ll never read anywhere because the results can’t be spun into some bullshit preexisting inaccurate media agenda.

    New Scientist – The online goods from the magazine. Read about the science you will never ever hear anywhere else…’cept maybe Cobert.

    Al Jazeera – World news as told better by the middle east.

    BallDropper – One of them Electroplankton games. Balls drop, harp noises are played based on the ball bouncing off lines that your draw. Very therapeutic.

    Winamp – It’s only in beta and it’s probably not really the best music player, but I’m pretty sure this is the best music player. I can’t really defend it. It’s just my brand loyalty. I’ve been using Winamp since the 90s. I’ve never found a reason to ditch it.

    Winamp Remote / aWinampRemote – Winamp can be made into a personal server. Use this to run your computer’s Winamp playlists from your phone.

    Voyage to Farland – A DS Homebrew game Savory Cade recommended to me. “Action RPG” dungeon crawling. A few dollars.

    iSyncr – I don’t use iTunes, but you might. A different option for syncing your music with iTunes.

    Android Manager Wifi – Sync your shit to your computer and back without the USB cable anymore.

    StumbleUpon – A different way to discover popular apps. Requires account.

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